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In the autumn of 2004, we opened the doors of CHINAR Kashmir Home to a small group of orphaned boys and girls. This, our pilot project, was an endeavor to provide a loving home, a mother’s care and stability to children who had lost their families.

In the ensuing decade we have grown to run several other programs aimed at providing stability and succor to children and families. The CHINAR Kashmir Home is now housed in our own spacious facility instead of a rental accommodation. Through the support of our RCSP program a large group of disadvantaged children, from many parts of J&K, have managed to continue their education. We have done extensive relief and rehabilitation work during the natural disasters that have struck this region in the last decade. We are also providing a measure of dignity to marginalized families by repairing their homes.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our countless donors, the unwavering support of our well-wishers and the energy and enthusiasm of our young volunteers. On behalf of the entire CHINAR Kashmir family, I thank you all.