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  • The mission continues under SEED programme.

    Continuing with the mission of “If they don’t come to us, we go to them”, one more cutting and tailoring centre for the girls and women of  Narkura Budgam started under SEED Programme of CHINAR Kashmir, in the month of October 2018. These mobile training centres help the local girls to get skilled at their doorsteps.

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  • Seed Program

    “If they don’t come to us, we go to them”
    This has been the driving force to extend our SEED Program to the nearby communities. In the month of July 2018. CHINAR Kashmir inaugurated a cutting and tailoring centre at Ompora Budgam.

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  • Participation of CHINAR Home kids, in Capacity Building Workshop, organized by- Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center

    This workshop was based on Kashmiri culture and one of the topics on which discussions were held; was about the methods of construction used in Kashmir at different times in history.

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  • A Get-together

    In October 2017, CHINAR Kashmir organized a get-together, with our RCSP beneficiary children, CHINAR Home kids and some of our local Donors. On this occasion, our CHINAR Home kids took part in different activities like; sharing their views openly, as to how they feel in CHINAR Home, singing songs, showing-off their calligraphic skills and last but not the least they managed the whole program themselves. They did the anchoring, served the guests and prepared all the presentations of songs, skits and narratives, all by themselves. Of course Shazia was always there, to support, as the CHINAR Programme Manager.

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  • Visit to Historical Places of District Srinagar

    During the month of August 2017, we took all our CHINAR Home kids to different Historical places, in the city of Srinagar, so that they get aware of their Cultural Heritage.

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