Sponsor a Child

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You too can become a CHINAR child sponsor and make a difference in the life of an orphaned child. There are two sponsorship options:

Full sponsorship Rs: 4200 per month:

Your sponsorship will cover all non-administrative program costs per month associated with one orphaned child living in CHINAR home (from food, clothing, education, psychological rehabilitation, loving mothers and a family environment to medical care, utilities, house maintenance etc)

Partial sponsorship Rs: 3000 per month:

Your sponsorship will cover the monthly cost of providing food and clothing to one orphaned child.

This cost is comparable to other agencies like SOS Kinderdorf that provide in-house care for children. CHINAR is a volunteer run organization with minimal administrative costs. Your sponsorship will be used in providing the children a mother’s love, family environment, the best education, proper nourishment and psychological support to one day become independent and productive citizens.

A child sponsor receives more regular updates about the progress of the children and their activities. A single sponsorship can be shared with friends and family. Please contact us if you would like to participate in the sponsorship program by mail.